To me, its like drinking hot-sauce.

Nah, I'm trying to level up on this game on my phone.

Nah, I'm busy texting my friend/mom/dad/brother/sister/abuelita/papa.

No, but do you want some gum?

Nah, but look at those girls/guys over there!

My girlfriend/boyfriend says no and she/he means a lot to me.

My parents say I shouldn't and their opinion means a lot to me.

No - I get caught and I lose TV time/Xbox/ Wii time.

Nah, smoke doesn't work with my body chemistry.

No thanks, smoking makes me smell like I have B/O.

Nah, it tastes awful with my energy drink.

Nah, I never see athletes do it and I'm trying to slim down/bulk up.

How about we play hide and seek: you hide the cigarette and I won't seek.

Nah - cigarettes don't match my kicks/gear.

No - cigarettes make my butt look big!

No way - how can you see my pretty face through the smoke?

Nah - cigarettes smudge my lip gloss.

Nah - I tear up if I smoke and I don't wear waterproof mascara/eyeliner.

Nah - smoking doesn't compliment my skin tone at all.