Gives you a raspy voice.

You're beautiful eyes turn yellow.

Instead of bright - eyed and bushy - tailed, you get yellow eyes and a hairy tongue.

What you breathe in (Carbon Monoxide) could evacuate a building.

So many things to crave already, why have another thing to crave?

Dizziness sucks and cigarettes can make you dizzy.

You get sick more often-less time to roll with your friends/boys/girls.

Your smoke can harm your baby sister/brother (2nd and 3rd hand smoke)

Believe It Or Not: Smoking LEADS TO ANXIETY but does not decrease anxiety.

Feeling nauseous or throwing up from smoking is not cool.

Addiction is stressful.

Some experiments blow up in your face.

Coughing sucks, coughing because of smoking really sucks.

Phlegm is gross - especially for your guy/girl.

Cigarettes are nuclear (contain radioactive lead and polonium) - you don't want to end up mutated.

Hydrogen cyanide is used in cigarettes - it was also used in past wars to kill.

Whale vomit (ambergris) sometimes is used in cigarettes.

Some cigarettes have been found to contain poo, do you want to smoke poo?

Count to 8 - another person just died because of smoking.

Imagine every person in Mexico disappears - that is how many people died of smoking in the past 100 years. Do you want to be part of the next 100 million?

Urea (part of your pee) is sometimes used to flavor cigarettes - don't smoke pee!

Smoking weakens the heart - and every teen needs a strong heart!