It is harder to play Wii when you're coughing or out of breath - your non-smoking friends will top your score.

No detention for smoking.

No calls home about getting caught smoking.

Your date's parents don't like him/her hanging out with people who smoke. You want your date's parents to like you. Wink.

Going outside to smoke makes your date think you aren't interested in him/her.

There are better things to do with your hands and mouth than smoke a cigarette...(like eat).

You won't ruin your date's shoes if ash falls on them.

You won't have holes in the seats of your ride from cigarette burns.

It's impossible to kiss when you have a cigarette in your mouth.

It is hard to concentrate on your girl/guy if you're craving a cigarette.

You can use your breaks at work and school for something better than smoking a cigarette.

If you don't smell like smoke, your date will want to get closer to you.

If you don't smell like smoke, your date will want to kiss you.

No holes in your clothes/gear.

Life is easy - keys, wallet/purse, good to go - no need to worry about a pack of cigarettes to carry around.

Cigarettes can make you less competitive.

No canceled dates because of being grounded for smoking.

You live long and prosper.

Easier to hang out EVERYWHERE-live free!

No Cigarettes - More Zen.

Your ride's not covered in ash.

You can wake up and smell the coffee/roses.

You can taste EVERYTHING when you DON'T SMOKE.

You want to be a role model to others/your brothers and sisters/your parents/your family.

Raspy voices aren't sexy.