Practice flip tricks (few people have the equipment to skate a half-pipe or have access to a skatepark-at least feeling comfortable going there when other better skaters are there-flip tricks can be done in the driveway at home which is where a lot of parents seem to feel comfortable with their kids).

Go bouldering/spelunking.

Play a cut throat game of go-fish!

Make up your own language.

Practice another language.

Plan a camping or fishing trip.

Go waterskiing at Elephant Butte.

Pool your money and eat a super-large ice cream cone with your friends.

Teach your cat tricks.

Teach your goldfish tricks.

Take your brothers/sisters out to get ice cream.

Teach your little brother/sister a new video game trick.

Go to the park.

Take your dog for a walk.

Figure out which X-men is your favorite.

Dance with your "stars"/friends.

Work up the nerve to ask someone out on a date.

Start a band.

Blog, tweet, MySpace or Facebook in under a minute!

Take an online personality test.

Upload videos of you and your friends.

Post pictures of you and your friends doing fun crazy stuff.

Have a burrito-making contest - then have a burrito eating contest!

Read celebrity gossip - see if your friends think it is true or not.

Look up words you don't know, use them in a sentence, make yourself look/feel smarter.

Think up jokes to tell your friends.

Learn how to balance a checkbook.

Start saving for retirement - every penny helps!

Organize a group to go paintballing/play lasertag/miniature golf.

Find the dorkiest shoes to go bowling in - then try to bowl 100 even!

Find the funniest commercial on TV.

Think of the craziest yummy ice cream flavor to send to Ben & Jerry's.

Try making a crazy ice cream flavor.